Phentermine vs. Adipex  
What is the difference between Phentermine and Adipex


Ever wonder what the difference between Phentermine and Adipex? Luckily I have the answers for you. If you have done some previous research about Phentermine vs Adipex you're already aware that one similarity between the two is weight loss. That's right if you're researching medication to use for you to lose weight you may have ran across Phentermine or Adipex.


Phentermine and Adipex may be seen numerous times in the same paragraph; which has you thinking what could possibly have these two terms in the same description, or maybe the thought came across your mind which one is better, which one works quicker, or which one will help you lose weight faster. If you're anything like me you want to be sure you have detailed facts about any medication you're considering to take. But no need to look any further; before you're completely done reading this article you will have enough facts about Phentermine vs Adipex. With that being said lets get on to some interesting facts about Phentermine vs Adipex.


For starters these two medications share the same active ingredient which would be Phentermine hydrochloride. When medication containing Phentermine hydrochloride is consumed it attacks a very important part of your body; the central nervous system. Once this happens Phentermine hydrochloride suppresses your appetite and your appetite then starts to decrease. Everyone knows a small appetite means fewer calories consumed each day, which can lead to weight loss much quicker. Although Phentermine and Adipex have alot of similarities they do have some slight difference. Phentermine is known to be a generic drug while Adipex pills contain Phentermine.


Both brands contain active and inactive ingredients. So to sum this all up for you; Phentermine vs Adipex technically are the same diet pills and work the same exact way. The only difference between Phentermine and Adipex is the active and inactive ingredients. Inactive ingredients make the pilot or capsule digestible, while the active ingredient known as Phentermine hydrochloride suppresses the appetite. Phentermine and Adipex also have the same list of side affects which could include headaches, rapid heart rate, insomnia, high blood pressure and dry mouth. To avoid overdose and abuse of this medication it must be prescribed by your physician before purchasing or consuming. Always keep in mind that all results vary for each individual. Exercising is not a must but will definitely show better and quicker results. Exercise if possible!



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